Mindful Improv

Stacy’s fun and interactive Mindful Improv workshop will lighten up your board room, conference or company retreat! Group exercises and games teach participants how to be more in the moment while learning meaningful inter-relational skills. De-stress and open your mind through these ice-breaking, community building, skill developing practices! Stacy leads participants through mindful improvisation for anywhere between 75 Minutes – 3 hour workshop depending on your time-frame. This class has already been a big hit at conferences and corporate events. Its a great tool for team-building and relieving stress. (contact Stacy regarding pricing/availability)

Through the practice of Mindful Improv, participants learn the skills to:

  • Become Better Problem-Solvers
  • Cultivate Compassion (for ourselves and others)
  • Listen Deeply
  • Celebrate Mistakes
  • Cultivate Courage
  • Build the Muscle of Creativity
  • Let Go of Judging Ourselves and Others
  • Not to mention it’s really, really fun!

Mindful Improv… What’s that?

If you’ve seen the TV show Who’s Line Is It Anyway?, you’ve probably been impressed by how incredibly talented and creative the actors are. Their quick wit almost seems like magic… but it’s NOT magic. Improv is a skill that can anyone can learn by practicing simple games and exercises. Improvisation is inherently mindful as it takes you out of your head and into the present moment through fun and interactive games. Sure, improv skills are good for actors, but they are also excellent for teachers, CEOs, parents, athletes, lawyers… anyone!

So how does Improv relate to Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to the present moment with openness, curiosity, and a willingness to be with what is. Through mindfulness we notice when our minds drift off into the future, are re-living the past, or are stuck in place of self-judgment. Once we notice this, we learn to steer our attention back to the present moment. When our minds wander in mindfulness meditation practice, we come back to our breath.

In mindful improv we notice when our minds wander and we come back to listening, which grounds us in the present moment. We also get to reflect on what is showing up in our minds as we take baby steps into a more creative, open, playful version of ourselves. We develop powerful tools that are incredibly priceless for any human being.

Stacy is an experienced teacher of mindful improv and has guided groups at conferences, universities, even down to small private groups. Her combined training as a mindfulness facilitator and improv actor make her uniquely suited to teach this special class.

Stacy leads Mindful Improv workshops for corporate retreats and workshops.  She is a UCLA certified mindfulness facilitator with a B.A. in theatre and psychology. As an actor for the stage and screen for over two decades, she is thrilled to be combining her two passions of mindfulness and improv for this fun and meaningful Workshop.  Stacy studied improv at The Groundlings in Los Angeles and is a company member at Above The Curve Theatre in North Hollywood. She also facilitates weekly mindfulness sitting groups, classes, workshops, retreats and offers private mindfulness coaching. Stacy also works for the UCLA Mindful Research Center as a program administrator.